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  • Choosing Women’s Shoes at Matahari Department Store

    Posted on April 9th, 2023 admin No comments

    Do you often shop for fashion needs, including women’s branded shoes at Matahari Department Store? This retail store, which has hundreds of outlets in various cities in Indonesia, is indeed a fashion paradise, especially for women. Complete product variations, ranging from clothing, bags, shoes, and various other items.

    As a well-known department store, Matahari Department Store always carries out strict curation to sell the best products with guaranteed quality, including its shoe products. For those of you who are interested in buying quality local shoe brands, try shopping for the following recommendations for branded shoe brands from Indonesia. You can find everything at the nearest Matahari Department Store outlet and are guaranteed to be original.

    Dr. Kevin Shoes

    If you want to find models of slip-on shoes, sneakers, and loafers, Dr. Kevin Shoes can be an option. The design is elegant and easy to match with your favorite casual outfits. There is no need to doubt the quality of the materials they are made of because they use two types of quality upper materials, namely canvas and synthetic leather. The canvas material uses thick, strong and durable thread fibers. While the selected synthetic leather produces a luxurious impression that is not inferior to genuine leather. The advantage of this shoe also lies in the execution of the manufacture which is precise and neat. Coupled with this type of sole, thermoplastic rubber (TPR), which is more durable, soft, and comfortable to use all day long.


    Nevada is one of the exclusive brands sold at Matahari Department Store. Nevada presents various types of fashion products, ranging from clothing, bags, shoes and sandals. Women’s shoes from Nevada are one of the products that have caught a lot of attention. Nevada shoes are known for their durability, because they are made of premium materials that last for up to 2 years of use. The colors of the shoes presented are also quite diverse with elegant and contemporary color choices. Regarding the price, you could say that this brand is quite affordable, and is one of the shoe brands that often holds special promos at Matahari Store.

    Yongki Komaladi

    Yongki Komaladi is a worldwide branded shoe brand from Indonesia. Of course this achievement is not without reason. Yongki Komaladi always uses the best type of material as a manufacturing material. The quality of the soles of the shoes is also good, more durable, and feels comfortable on the feet. Most interestingly, this shoe brand provides quite a variety of shoe sizes, from the smallest size 34-42. The designs presented are actually not much different from shoe and sandal brands in general. However, Yongki Komaladi consistently presents simple and elegant shoe designs for both formal and casual outfits. The price is also quite affordable, around hundreds of thousands only.


    Another local fashion brand that is often mistaken for a foreign product. Moreover, Cardinal often presents street style fashion designs such as their most famous product, namely jeans. However, Cardinal is an original Indonesian brand that carries a modern style, including the variety of women’s shoes that are presented. Cardinal has various models of cool shoes for women, from sneakers to flat shoes. Not only casual and street style shoes, you can also find formal shoe models from Cardinal! This brand also always uses premium materials and prioritizes user comfort. Not surprisingly, most shoe designs are quite simple, but still look elegant and stylish.


    Before becoming Tomkins, this shoe manufacturer produced shoes for world-renowned shoe brands, such as Fila, Puma, and Reebok. However, the company ended up marketing its own products under the Tomkins name. Most of the models presented are black basic shoes. As time goes by, Tomkins presents more and more cool shoe models with more up-to-date designs. One of them is sports shoes for sports or just stylish. There is a Brittany shoe model that is light in weight and uses a soft sole for sports. There is also a Proud Mary model which is equipped with a zipper for daily activities.

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