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  • Tips for Choosing Clothes According to Body Shape

    Everyone has a body shape that is different from one another. Therefore, when choosing clothes can not be equated. Everyone should know what kind of clothes fit their bodies so they don’t get the wrong style. It is very important to know tips on choosing clothes to match your own body shape.

    Indeed, the model of clothes from year to year is always changing. Automatically have to be smarter in choosing it. Not only the cut, even the material and color must be a concern to fit the body shape.

    The selection of clothing models so that the appearance can be stylish and cool must be adjusted to the shape of the body. Not infrequently many ignore this problem so that instead of getting better, it actually looks messy. So, so that this doesn’t happen, consider the following important tips:

    1. Mix and match for those who have a fat body

    The first tip for choosing clothes according to body shape is for those of you who have a fat body. Even though you have a fat body, it doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish and fashionable. You can still look fashionable as long as you choose the right clothes.

    The trick is to avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose. You can also use a pencil skirt with the aim of giving the impression of charming curves on your body.

    2. Choose Horizontal Motives for those of you who are thin

    This classic clothing tip is especially for those of you who have a thin body. So that your appearance looks harmonious, try to choose clothes with horizontal motifs to give curves to your body.

    Apart from that, you can also choose clothes with bright colors or wear clothes with a model so that your body looks fuller.

    3. Choose a Midi Dress or Skinny Jeans to give a high impression

    Well, for those of you who want to look taller, the tips for choosing clothes that must be considered are the selection of clothing models. It’s better if you use a mini or maxi dress combined with straight skinny pants.

    Choosing skinny jeans can also make your appearance appear taller than usual. This one tip will be very helpful for those of you who are less confident about your height when performing with taller people.

    4. Choose Bustling and Colorful Clothes for Pear Body Owners

    The pear body shape is a body shape where the hips, thighs and buttocks are the largest part of the other body parts. When choosing clothes, to get the right mix and match, it is best to balance the larger body parts with the upper body parts.
    Go for clothes that are a bit more crowded and in lighter colors. This one method is considered to be effective in diverting attention so that the slender upper body parts are not too obvious from the lower body parts.

    5. Choose soft colors for inverted triangle body owners

    The inverted triangle body is a body shape characterized by wider shoulders than the waist so that the appearance of these shoulders looks stronger and looks like an athlete’s body. Another feature is that it appears to have no curves. Another word for this body is looking masculine.
    For the selection of clothes for the owner of this body shape, it is best to choose a top with a clean cut model that has almost no detail on the shoulders.

    Another tip is to use a soft color top that can later distract broad shoulders. The A shape dress model is also considered appropriate for the owner of this body. You can also use voluminous pants with additional draperies or folds which can make your waist look bigger.

    Conversely, avoid wearing pants that are too tight or pants with narrow ends because your body shape will look unbalanced.

    6. For Hourglass Body Owners Use Clothing that Highlights the Legs

    The hallmark of the owner of this body is the size between the shoulders and the same waist line. Another feature is having full breasts, sharp curves and full hips. Tips for choosing clothes for the owner of this body is to use a top that is open and flat because it can highlight the beautiful shoulders.

    For the selection of bottoms such as boot cut pants, flares or pants with large pimples can help reduce a little volume on large lower body parts. You can also wear pencil pants or an A-line skirt so that the look will look more feminine and the legs will stand out more.

    On the other hand, the owner of this body should avoid straight clothes because the curves of the body will not be visible. Also avoid wearing a jacket that is too big because it can make the chest appear bigger.

    7. Apple Body Shape

    It is said to be like an apple because the owner of this body has an enlarged waist. For the selection of clothes for the owner of this body, it is best to use clothing with an empire dress model or a long top that can make you happy

  • Tips for Choosing Safe and Comfortable Children’s Clothing

    I feel so excited, Mom, when I see the tiny and cute children’s clothes. I want to buy it for my baby and hope it looks even cuter. But don’t rush, ma’am. Clothes that look good are not necessarily suitable for children. It could be that his quality or needs do not match him. That’s why, when you are going to buy clothes for your baby, you should consider carefully first. The following tips can help mothers in choosing children’s clothes.

    Choose a Soft Material

    Comfortable clothes are made of soft materials. For that, check carefully the material of the children’s clothes that you are going to buy. Make sure the material feels soft when it touches the skin. Materials that feel rough certainly won’t make a child feel comfortable and usually feel hot on the skin, so he doesn’t feel comfortable wearing it.

    Check the Stitches

    The second tip, check the quality of the stitching of your chosen child’s clothes. Sometimes there are production goods that do not pass quality control from the factory so that there are stitches or other accessories that are lacking. If there are loose stitches, the clothes will look hollow and less suitable for children to wear. So, check every inch of the seam of the clothes that you are going to buy, OK? Don’t miss anything.

    Avoid clothes with lots of accessories

    Accessories do make children look cute, but if there are too many they don’t look good, right? Mothers may choose children’s clothes that have accessories, but don’t overdo it. Besides being uncomfortable to look at, excessively accessorized clothing can also make children feel disturbed. When washing and ironing it will be very troublesome. You definitely don’t want that to happen, do you?

    Not too big and not too small

    Mothers usually choose to buy their children’s clothes in a larger size with the reason that they are durable to wear. That reason is not wrong, ma’am, as long as it’s not too big. Just choose one size above the size that fits your child. Oversized clothes can feel loose on the body and look unsightly.

    Choosing the size of the clothes should not be too small, ma’am. Clothes that are too small will feel tight on the child’s body so that it can give a feeling of discomfort. If you can’t measure the child’s body directly, you can work around this by bringing samples of clothes that fit on the child’s body from home. That way you will get the right clothing size.

    The material is not hot & can absorb sweat

    The tropical climate in Indonesia makes the weather tend to feel hot. Considering this, you should choose children’s clothes that are made of materials that are not hot and can absorb sweat. So when the weather is hot, children will not sweat too much and even if they sweat, they can be absorbed properly, causing prickly heat on their skin. Usually clothes that meet these criteria are made from cotton, ma’am.

    Adjust to Children’s Needs

    Children’s needs also need to be taken into consideration when choosing clothes. For example, a child needs casual clothes for home, so don’t be tempted to buy clothes for traveling. At this age, children grow up very quickly. So you don’t need to buy him too many clothes because if you don’t use them they will pile up in the closet and become redundant.

    Easy To Put On And Take Off

    Children must also be taught to be able to put on and take off their own clothes. Therefore, choose children’s clothes that are easy for children to put on and take off. Clothing like this will also speed up and make it easier for children when they are getting dressed, going to bathe, or defecating. Clothes that look complicated to wear sometimes do tend to have interesting designs, but if it’s a hassle it’s best to just avoid it, OK?